All is Merry and Bright...or is it?

December is supposed to be a time of happiness and celebrating. What if you don't feel up to it? What if it is too much to handle?

Do what you can, and realize your limitations. It is not mandatory for you to go to every holiday event thrown at you. It is ok to say no. You mental health is enough of a reason. You don't have to find a better excuse. It is valid as it is!

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If the thought of decorating gingerbread houses is too much for you. Don't do it! Use your resources. If you can call grandma and let her take charge of that, do it. If you can convince the kids that driving around looking at lights can be fun instead do that. I am a big fan if car rides, because I know for just that short time the children are contained in their seatbelts and can't climb all over me. This mama needs her space!

Do your shopping online or at 2AM at Wal-mart when the crowds are down and your husband is home. The best part of middle of the night shopping is no one judges you if you go in your pajamas! (But don't tell my mom I said that).

Your kids will still love you, despite not really feeling it.

My last baby was born November 18th. I was not prepared for the mental and physical issues that I would have over Christmas. Needless to say, my husband did most everything and I just watched. I felt awful that I just couldn't do it. I didn't decorate a tree much, so they did. Our elf stayed in the same place for over a week. I just sat on the couch and we watched movies. But, you know what? They remember that Christmas as being the time they got to snuggle and watch Elf for the first time. I had always been so busy in December, we hardly got to do much Christmas movie watching in. They don't remember it as the most horrible Christmas ever.

So it is ok if you aren't feeling very merry and bright this month. Its ok to not be ok. Be gentle with yourself. Take a look at our resources on our webpage here. Text the crisis text line at 741741 if you need additional help. You will feel better.