Self-Care Packages

Being an ER nurse, all I could think about after I heard of the shooting in Las Vegas was the first responders. I saw a lot of groups I am in raise together to help them. I knew I had to do at least something to help. But what could I do here in Riverdale, Utah? So the leadership of The Mothers' Nest brainstormed and came up with the idea of making small self-care kits. It would be perfect, we can make them for ourselves as our first official meet up of the Mothers' Nest to kick off the holiday season, and make extras to send to some mental health first responders. And how appropriate was it that a mental health hospital there had a postpartum depression program and a lot of their workers there spent days at the site of the shooting offering counseling?

Photo by Dezarae Weyburn

Photo by Dezarae Weyburn

On November 14th, we had over 10 people show up to make the self care kits. Everyone got to make one for themselves and we sent off over 20 to Seven Hills Hospital in Henderson, Nevada. It was a great night. We ended the evening with a discussion of what self-care is. And guess what? self-care can be more than just bubble baths and chocolate, although those things are nice too. Learning to set personal boundaries and saying no is just as important. 

Starting in January, we are going to hold hybrid meetings with education/self care components and support at the end. We feel like this best fulfills our mission in the small scale. If you have an idea on topics or things to do leave them in the comments! Ideas include, physical exercise for the postpartum mom, babyfeeding support, a showing of a ppd documentary, message therapy. If you have connections on an expert who would be willing to volunteer their time one evening also let me know. You can contact us at

A big shout out to Salon Centric and all the individuals who donated to our self-care night. We couldn't have done it without you!